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ILDOLL – realistic, almost life-like sex dolls

Silicone sex dolls from ILDOLL stand out for their hyper-realistic look and perfect intimate details. The HR texture of their skin is completely unique, including details such as pores, fine veins and freckles, making them completely indistinguishable from the human body. The HR version takes up to 30 days to produce.

ILDOLL HR SkinILDOLL HR foot detail

Hyper Realistic (HR) ILDOLL silicone skin texture

But if you want to save money, you can opt for a classic skin structure without details, which is several thousand cheaper and does not take as long to produce.

Classic ILDOLL silicone skin texture

You’ll find realistic Silicone sex dolls from 105 to 170 cm in the ILDOLL range, but even at the largest size you won’t have to struggle with too much weight. ILDOLL excels at reducing the weight of its products, which are up to a third lighter, so even life-size sex dolls will be easy to handle.

ILDOLL Weight Reduction

Advanced materials ensure perfect realism

Thanks to the revolutionary new materials ILDOLL uses to produce realistic dolls, their products are much more like real women in the flesh. The specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer reacts to human touch just like human tissue – as soon as you squeeze it, it instantly returns to its original shape. It therefore does not dent like cheaper materials used by competing manufacturers.

ILDOLL Skin Elasticity

Thanks to advanced materials, the vaginas of realistic dolls are wonderfully soft, supple and flexible, yet resistant to tearing or damage. Even with realistic dolls made of silicone, ILDOLL uses a new, advanced formulation that makes the silicone wonderfully soft and flexible. Compared to conventional sex dolls from other manufacturers, silicone sex dolls give a completely realistic impression.

ILDOLL Vagina Hollow

Sound Output Enables Conversation

Realistic sex dolls from ILDOLL can be equipped with voice output. This allows them to not only moan with pleasure, but also have meaningful conversations. Their artificial intelligence can learn, which means that the more you talk to your realistic sex doll, the better her conversational skills will become.

Sample Conversation with Sex Doll ILDOLL

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