Irontech Doll – TPE & Silicone Sex Dolls


TPE and silicone dolls by Irontech Doll looks alive and offer a totally realistic sexual experience that is almost indistinguishable from a sex with real woman. They are equipped with a metal skeleton with flexible joints, that you can set it up to any position. We will customize the realistic doll by Irontech Doll to suit your requirements – you can adjust almost every detail. From fixed or removable vagina, through breast size, nipples, eye color to type of legs and intimate hair style. In addition to each realistic doll by Dolltech Doll you will receive a practical gift to make her maintenance easier.

Desirable Sex Dolls by Irontech Doll

Irontech Doll is a progressive manufacturer of realistic dolls that seeks inspiration for its creations in the realities of social life. In bed you can have a rock star, a cheerleader, a provocative student, a beautiful secretary or even an emo girl. They’re all charming, yet totally sexy women.

Another feature of this brand is that it doesn’t specialize in one particular type of character or look of virgins. Their range is really wide – from slim very young girls, to women with worked out bodies, to plump beauties. The unifying feature of Irontech Doll design is the high realism and inspiration of real women.

The sex dolls body is made up of a sturdy metal skeleton with a multitude of joints that allow for perfect positioning, completely to your liking.You will achieve a position similar to what a real flesh-and-blood woman would do.The sex dolls durable body gives you room to experiment and try out any sexual position you can think of. You can really let your imagination run wild and enjoy it to the fullest.

This beauty from Irontech Doll features three realistic body openings, allowing you to enjoy exactly the pleasure you like best. Whether it’s classic, anal or oral sex.

Human skin-like materials

The body of the Irontech Doll is made of TPE, the so-called thermoplastic rubber, which is almost indistinguishable in its properties (softness, smoothness, texture, color) from human skin. What are the other advantages of TPE material?

  • natural and realistic appearance of dolls
  • compressible and stretchy material (breasts and butt shake like a real woman)
  • can retain heat (but not like silicone)
  • does not cause allergic reactions
  • is 100% safe

Create every detail of your own sex dolls

With this beauty, you can customize every detail you can think of. If you’re partial to any of the female parts or have a kink of your own, let your imagination run wild and make the sex dolls a total sexbomb. One such example might be nipple size. Some people love big nipples, if that’s the case for you, you can choose a diameter of up to 6 cm. A similar case, where men’s opinions vary greatly, is the choice of pubic hair. If you can’t come across a woman for whom fuller pubic hair is acceptable, that’s no problem with this sex dolls from Irontech Doll.

In addition to these deviations, your sex doll can have a different color wig, eyes, and skin. Alternatively, the entire head can be changed. The outfits in the photos are not included in the order, but you can purchase them separately.

What else do you need to consider? Whether to choose a fixed or a removable vagina. How do you navigate this choice and what’s best for you? If you want a completely realistic feeling during sex, choose a fixed vagina.If you care more about cleanliness and practicality, choose a removable vagina, which is easier to clean and easy to replace if damaged.

A final recommendation – by choosing legs to stand on their own, you not only expand the movement possibilities of the sex doll, but also make it easier to maintain, dress and undress.

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