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JY Doll has been operating on the market for over 10 years. They fall into the category of cheaper and affordable sex dolls but thanks to their very wide assortment, which includes sex dolls from 100 cm to 170 cm and over 70 interchangeable heads, they rank among the world’s top in a number of optional parameters. Their assortment includes white, asian, and black girls. Slim, fitness, fat, pregnant, anime or elves, but also realistic men – male dolls.

Their team of engineers, 3D designers, sculptors, and production workers give rise to this wide range of anatomically accurate sex dolls. They are constantly investing in further development, and soon we can look forward to sex dolls with artificial intelligence and mechanically moving skeleton, which will be the next step towards a completely realistic silicone sex dolls, which will soon be a normal part of modern man’s life.

Manufacturer with more than 10 years of tradition on the market

JY Doll is already a traditional company in this still young industry. It boasts a large selection of quality realistic dolls for your satisfaction. All sex dolls are designed and shaped by professional artists and designers. What makes Sex Doll by JY Doll special are the extremely realistic vaginal, anal and oral love openings. Each sex doll has supple skin just like the human body. If you play with JY Doll’s sex doll breasts, the squeezing of the breasts will be completely identical to a real woman. Even a slap on the butt will be like real life.

All Sex Dolls are made of medical grade TPE or silicone material. TPE is a thermoplastic rubber that is soft, squishy and great at taking heat. The silicone Sex Doll, on the other hand, has a more realistic structure, especially at the anus and vagina, and is also easier to clean, e.g. from clothes or sexy costumes. Another plus is the durable stainless steel frame with flexible joints, which allows for a maximum number of sex positions.

Customized Sex Doll

Above we have listed the reasons to buy a Sex Doll from JY Doll. However, there is one more important advantage. Thanks to the additional variations, you can choose exactly the Sex Doll you want in bed.

For example, with the wig alone, you can choose from 19 options. Your new beauty can be a blonde with a mikado, a brunette with curly hair, a curly redhead or a gentle rebel with a pink hairdo. If you’d like to change your whole head, there are plenty of other heads to choose from. Can you find the one of your dreams?

Men often want what they haven’t had or what they can’t currently have. That’s why there’s a lot of interest in women with tans or black women, who are said to make great sexual lovers. You, too, can choose the colour of skin that appeals to you. Of course, natural white is also an option.

Your choice of skin colour should also determine your choice of nipples, or rather their colour. Here too it can be natural, pink or brown. For the breasts, you need to choose their filling. It all depends on your preferences. Do you love natural breasts that fly from side to side and you can play with them during sex? Then choose hollow breasts. Full TPE, on the other hand, is a firm breast that resembles breast implants.

Men buy sex dolls for the pleasure of sex and the subsequent climax. Only a realistic vagina that meets all your expectations will do that. There are aesthetic choices such as vagina color and pubic hair that will serve for maximum arousal. You can choose the perfect combination for you – for example, a perfectly shaved pink vagina. There is also a practical choice – whether to choose a fixed or removable vagina. If you expect the penis to fit perfectly in the vagina and sex to be 100% real, we recommend a fixed vagina. There’s also a uterus, a solution that guarantees a uterus at the end of the vagina for your continued pleasure.

There is also a heated Sex doll and moaning option. This system is installed on the back of the head and is hidden under the wig. As soon as you touch certain points on the Sex doll’s body, it will begin to moan and make sounds that you will enjoy.

Last but not least, we will also focus on the legs. Here we definitely recommend buying a Sex doll with the option of standing, i.e. standing. Especially for taller and therefore heavier dolls this is almost essential.

The suits in the photos are not included in the order, but you can purchase them separately.

100% real photos

All product videos and photos from the popular JY Doll brand are 100% real, so what you see and buy on our e-shop is exactly what you will receive.

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