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Do you like experienced and mature women? Then you are right here. SY Doll’s realistic TPE dolls excel not only in high quality and perfect workmanship of even the most intimate details, but also in focusing on customers who can appreciate experienced women. Their uniqueness is production of the highest real doll with a height of 176 cm. Another top is their real sex doll with the world biggest ass – 163 cm high. Their improved TPE composition, which perfectly imitates human skin, does not stick after washing, does not need to be so powdered, and is therefore much easier to maintain. With SY Doll’s realistic TPE Sex Dolls, you can choose from over 20 changeable heads and get a free wig and eyes.

Aimed at experienced women

SY Doll launched its production of realistic dolls in 2015 with a clear mission. To satisfy all men who love or just want to try sex with experienced virgins for the first time. In addition, the brand boasts other unique products. For example, you can buy the sex doll with the biggest ass at 163 cm or the tallest sex doll produced at 176 cm.

Showcasing the biggest ass in sex dolls by SY Doll

Enjoy spanking and groping

The SY Doll body is made of platinum TPE. This is the so-called thermoplastic rubber, which is standardly used for the production of all kinds of sex toys. Why TPE? Because it stands out with its softness, smoothness, texture and colour almost indistinguishable from human skin. In addition, it absorbs human heat very well. All these advantages would be useless if TPE was not safe to use. Fortunately, however, you have nothing to worry about, sex with this sex doll is perfectly safe. TPE contains no plasticizers (phthalates) or other chemicals that could be released from it.

In addition, SY Doll is one of the unique manufacturers on the market and has developed its own and improved TPE coating. This does not need to be powdered frequently. Even after washing, it retains its natural dullness and is not sticky like others. This unique texture greatly facilitates the maintenance and storage of the dolls.

Demonstration of breast mobility during sex by SY Doll

Build your own sex beauty

Like all other sex dolls in our range, SY Doll’s realistic sex dolls perfectly match the real anatomical shapes of a woman. In this case, a woman blessed with lush shapes. SY Doll really prides itself on the maturity and lushness of its women’s shapes.

Sample of all the precise details in SY Doll’s sex dolls

What the SY Doll brand also prides itself on is a diverse range of optional features that allow you to build a sex doll that makes sex with a real woman worthwhile.

There is a choice of sex dolls body height (ranging from 158-176 cm), as well as over 20 interchangeable heads. Combined with optional wigs, eye and lip color, you can build a sexbomb almost to your liking.

With each sex doll we supply two wigs and two pairs of eyes free of charge. You can change the look of your sex companion, so you’ll never get bored of her.

Tweak the overall look by choosing your skin color. You can have a natural girl in bed, a lightly tanned beauty, or even a black girl. If you are tempted by a little exoticism, the realistic sex doll from SY Doll is the perfect choice for your sexual appetites. Nowadays, even pubic hair can be exotic for some. If that’s what attracts and excites you, you have unlimited possibilities here too. We’ll stay with vaginas, as you have to decide whether you want a removable or a fixed vagina. The removable one is easier to maintain, the hard one will give you more pleasure during the final climax.

For more excitement, we also recommend purchasing sexy outfits or costumes. The outfits in the photos are not included in the order, but you can purchase them separately.

Why buy a sex doll from SY Doll?

If you’re turned on by mature women and want to learn a thing or two about sex from them, be sure to check out SY Doll’s range of sex dolls first. You’ll find not only this particular sex doll, but also a redhead in a satin robe, a sexy milf with huge breasts or a strict and lusty lady with glasses.

Sample sex dolls with narrow waists along with lush busts from SY Doll

Not to mention the sturdy frame with plenty of joints that allow you to perfectly position yourself completely to your liking. Your new partner can handle any position you dream of when you think of sex with a mature woman. In addition, the realistic SY Doll sex dolls are soft and supple in their curves – just like a woman’s body.

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