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WM Dolls are perceived as the world’s top, thanks to their very realistic appearance, high quality, esthetics, but especially for their finely crafted bodies that give you the most realistic feeling of touch. Everything is done carefully and professionally to deliver the perfect replica of the woman you want to spend every moment. The WM Dolls are crafted by professional designers and sculptors who develop all dolls according to real anatomy of real women. For women, they offer muscular, realistic silicone men – male dolls. All photos and videos are 100% real and you will receive the same product. As many optional parameters as WM Dolls (from heads to toenails) have no other brand on the market. Perhaps only the OR Doll and YL Doll with whom they work together. With all the optional parameters, you have the ability to customize your real doll in thousands of different ways, giving you a unique woman that no one else will have. Thanks to the compatible removable parts, you can also create a shemale sex doll with a removable penis at the WM Dolls. If nothing is enough for you, you can create your custom sex doll out of your photos. Since January 2020 WM Dolls have introduced the Anti-Fake System, where the originality of the product can be verified.

WM Dolls as the world leader in the industry

If you want the best for yourself, choose a sex doll from WM Dolls. This manufacturer is the world leader in the industry. They focus on every detail. From the perfect processing, the quality of the materials used to the maximum realistic look of the realistic dolls. Behind all this effort are professional designers and sculptors who have one goal – to embarrass you when you enjoy sex with a WM Dolls sex doll even more than with a real woman.

One of the reasons they do so is because of the specially designed durable steel skeleton that houses a multitude of joints. It’s these joints that allow for a great deal of variation in sexual positions, so you can try things yet undiscovered with a sex doll. And believe me, you’ll love it. And for an even better experience, we recommend choosing a sex doll with shrugging arms.

WM Dolls makes sex dolls out of TPE – thermoplastic rubber. This has excellent properties and it is exactly suited for the bodies of realistic dolls. It pleases with its softness, smoothness, texture and colour almost indistinguishable from human skin. It also takes human heat very well, so a realistic sex doll will adapt to your body temperature very quickly. This material does not contain any plasticizers (phthalates) or other chemicals that could be released from it. When having sex with a realistic sex doll, you can relax 100% and think only of the pleasurable.

Choose a sex doll for sex that is all yours

Quality processing, best materials, realistic looking sex dolls. This is what sets WM Dolls apart from the competition. But that’s not all. Another unique feature is the wide selection of parameters that allow you to build a doll exactly the way you want it and that will be yours. If you have unfulfilled sexual desires, get to work building this sex doll that will make all your dreams come true. What can you choose with a sex doll named Fei ?

Based on a large selection of faces, whether you’re turned on by tender beauties or bold dragonesses, you’ll never go wrong. Doll’s heads can also be added separately. And with a simple swap, you can have a whole new look for your doll.

Some people like blondes and some like brunettes. And others like redheads. Which hair color do you prefer? Whatever hair colour you like, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can choose wigs that come in several styles. And if you’re not satisfied with a wig, there’s the option of synthetic hair or even implanted human hair, where you can also choose the length.

You can also choose from 11 iris types. In addition to the classic colours, there are also amber and red. If you desire a wild beast in your bed, choose real cat’s eyes for your sex doll. For manga lovers, we have manga irises available.

Breast size alone cannot be adjusted, however you can choose your nipple size. If big nipples turn you on, they are available in diameters up to 5 cm. Since the WM Dolls brand thinks of all the details, you have the option of choosing nipples in pink, light and dark colors or in the classic skin color of a real woman. When it comes to breast filling, the most common choice is full breasts, which resemble breast implants. Hollow breasts are made up of an air pocket, so the breasts are very soft. Gel breasts, on the other hand, are the most realistic in shape and feeling.

Body painting can also be added to highlight veins and freckles on the body. This makes the sex doll even more realistic.

From hair over boobs, we’ve come to the vagina selection. Aside from aesthetic choices such as vagina color and the option of implanted or glued-on pubic hair, there are two options to consider – a fixed or removable vagina. How do you navigate this choice and what’s best for you? If you want a completely realistic feeling during sex, then choose a fixed vagina.If you care more about cleanliness and practicality, then choose a removable vagina, which is easier to clean and easy to replace if damaged. Both variants offer a self lubricating function. For this feature, water can be used as a replacement for lubricating gel. Just pour a cup of water and the lubricating gel will start to secrete itself in the vagina.

A woman’s moaning is inherent in all sex. If you too can’t imagine sex without moaning, then choose this system, which is built into the back head of the sex doll under the wig. The sensation of having a lovely lady in the flesh lying next to you can also be enhanced by selecting a sex doll with internal heating, which heats the realistic sex doll to a comfortable 37°C within 45 minutes.

Last but not least, we’ll also focus on the legs. Here we definitely recommend buying a doll with the possibility of standing, i.e. standing. Especially for taller and therefore heavier sex dolls this is almost essential. For more information, check out this guide to choosing legs.

Doll according to the photos provided

To make matters worse, WM Dolls is one of the few manufacturers to offer the opportunity to have a custom doll made to your supplied photos. It is possible to make either a silicone head or a full custom body.

100% secure purchase

It is possible to come across a lot of fake sex dolls on the internet. Such dolls do not last long, but above all, safety during sex cannot be guaranteed. The world’s biggest sex doll manufacturers are trying to fight against these practices, including of course the WM Dolls brand. Thanks to the Anti-Fake System, you can verify the originality of the product you buy. Enjoy sex every day without any worries.

At the same time, all videos and photos of WM Dolls products are 100% real, so what you see and buy on our e-shop is exactly what you get. But the clothes from photos are not included.

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