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SE Doll was founded in 2016 and produces the highest quality silicone dolls, TPE dolls and a combination of both materials (TPE body + silicone head). Their realistic sex dolls are more than sex toys, they are artworks. Thanks to its original designs it brings to market a lot of unique models with beautiful heads and sexy bodies. In their assortment you will find all kinds of characters from mini sex dolls to life-size ones that you wouldn’t recognize from a live model. SE Doll protects its products against counterfeiting, so you can verify their authenticity with the Anti Fake System.

Sex doll will grant your most secret wish

This beauty is a sex doll. It is a special sex doll that is only for sex. With elaborate details and a skeleton with spherical joints that can mimic human movement, you will enjoy sex with this sex doll like a real woman. For an even greater sexual experience, you can select the sex dolls built-in body heating and moaning function. With your sex doll, you can try almost all sexual positions. Doggy, hobby, missionary position or sitting or standing sex. Leaning the sex dolls against a couch or table will also allow you to have sex from behind. Is this the ideal sex partner to fulfill all your desires?

Material mimics human skin

The usual inflatable sex dolls are long gone. Sedoll, a brand that has been making men’s dreams come true since 2016, makes this sex doll out of TPE material, which is a great value for money choice. It is a popular material especially for its flexibility, compressibility and softness. Thanks to this, the sex doll can be manipulated in multiple positions. TPE dolls have breasts and buttocks that shake very similarly to real women. They have a natural and realistic look and feel.

You’ll also appreciate the TPE material for its perfect imitation of human skin. when in contact with the sex dolls body you will feel a soft, warm and pleasant to the touch surfacethat will multiply your enjoyment of sex.

Become the designer of your own sex dolls

What does the ideal partner look like in your sexual dreams and fantasies? Now you can bring it to reality. Just think of your ideal parameters that you choose for this particular sex dolls.

You can choose the color of her eyes, but also her skin or nails. You can even paint your nails yourself. Just be very careful not to paint your skin as well.

Breast size cannot be adjusted, however you can choose the fillers according to what kind of breasts you prefer in women. Hollow breasts form an air pocket, so the breasts are very soft. Gel breasts, on the other hand, are the most realistic in shape and feel. Despite all this, the most common option chosen is the firm breast, which resembles breast implants. This is also due to the fact that hollow and gel breasts are usually not available for smaller breasts.

From the breasts, we’re heading lower. You can choose a fixed or removable vagina. What’s the difference? They are similar in appearance. With a fixed vagina, you will enjoy a perfectly realistic sex experience, also due to the fact that it is tighter. The advantages of the removable vagina are that it lasts longer and is easier to maintain. Both variants also offer a feature – the so-called self lubrication function. Instead of using lubricating gel, water serves. Just pour a cup of water and the lubricant gel will start to secrete itself in the vagina.

Along with all this, you can also choose other accessories such as adhesives, stain removers or shower heads. These are handy helpers to extend the life of your sex dolls.

Enhance your sexual experience

With a realistic sex doll, you can spend moments of pleasure whenever you want. Thanks to the flexibility bones made of strong but lightweight metal and a wide range of different bends, you can try almost any sexual position. At the same time, the skeleton is equipped with sophisticated limiters so that the joints cannot rotate through a full 360 degrees. The sex dolls skeleton even includes sophisticated knuckle joints in the fingers, so its gripping capabilities are quite equal to those of a human.

Even though you can try any sexual position, you may eventually want to try something new. The Sedoll brand has kept this in mind and has therefore created a wide range of different heads that can be interchanged on the doll to ensure your sex toy never gets old. Think of the amount of pleasure you can experience when interacting with.

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